Now he’s being REALLY immature. And crazy. Glove withdrawal!

{edit}: hey, I didn’t draw this in widescreen format, because I wasn’t thinking, so the file I’ll be sending out is in regular screen format. I’ll leave any cropping to be done to get it to fit into widescreen up to you guys, though. Sorry about that! Lesson learned for next month!

Hey, I finished the donation incentive/thankyou wallpaper!

If you want it, you can donate a dollar or more. There’s a comment box on the donation screen, and in there just write your screen resolution and your email address and I’ll send it to you shortly!

If you already donated just email me with your info and I’ll get right on that as soon as possible.

You can share it amongst yourselves, just please don’t repost it anywhere public, okay? Thank you very much for helping keep the site online! You guys are awesome, keep on rocking!

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