String Theory updates once a week. Wednesday is the goal for updates, but it’s not precise.

This comic’s character driven, somewhat humorous in nature (I hope!), and seperated out into chapters. You might want to start at the beginning.

String Theory isn’t rated, and it does contain adult concepts and is written for adult sensibilities. It’s not an ADULT comic except it is because it’s pretty violent and has a lot of drug references and murders and half the characters are criminals with potty mouths.

Well, the comic’s not for kids anyway. Please don’t read it to your kids or let your kids read it.

The World

The year in the comic is 2057, a not so distant future split off from reality. The universe split off after the cuban missile crisis, which turned into more of a disaster than an incident. The west coast is destroyed and only beginning to recover from a nuclear attack. Half the states in the USA have been under martial law since, and are dis-incorporated. The pacific northwest has been lost to civil war and a DNA altering pathogen. Russia took Alaska. In the early 1990s a nuclear bomb was detonated in the atmosphere above north america sending out a catastrophic nation wide electromagnetic pulse that destroyed almost all above ground electronics. The USA is only beginning to recover from these events.

Now there’s an emerging group of villains and mutants.

The Author

Hello there, I’m Dirk Grundy.  I’m a native Texan, the only gun I own is a cute little red ryder BB gun. It’s for shootin’ cans. I’m in my 30s going on 40s. I am old! Oh no! (not really)

here’s my email address if you need to contact me for some reason:

Here is my Tumblr, I post doodles and photos and random things there.
Hey I’ve also got a pillowfort! it’s pretty much all art at the moment
Here is a Tumblr dedicated entirely to this comic It contains bonus sketches sneak previews, sometimes I do in-character question and answer sessions.

Here is my Twitter where I talk about my cat I own a cat again, her name is Stormy and she sneezes constantly into her own face because she has cat-asthma.