String Theory is an ongoing comic about criminals and mad science!

I AIM for updating on wednesdays, so if there’s an update it generally happens on a wednesday. That’s new comics day, you know.

This is a character driven comic that can be goofy and humorous but also quite dark. Please see the archives page for chapter by chapter content warnings if you need them. They’re a little vague to prevent spoilers but should be enough info, I think.

The main character is Dr. Herville Schtein and he’s not a nice person at all. In fact the comic is about his descent into being an even not nicer person. Do you like anti heros? Because I wouldn’t even call him that. If you wanna read a comic about the origin story of a jerk ass noodle armed super villain, well here we are.

The comic’s setting is in the late 2050s in a slightly alternate timeline where half of the USA is no longer made of states. The west coast was nuked pretty heavily, Alaska has been taken over the by USSR (which still exists). The east coat is still mostly fine, but the midwest is in a dust bowl situation. The US is behind a bit, technology wise, from other countries from a terrible black out situation in the 1990s when another nuke detonated in the atmosphere and bricked most everything in the country. And then we elected a bunch of libertarians who immediately privatized most everything in the country and that’s the hellscape my characters live in. The setting is kind of subtle, I think this page says more about it than my comic itself ever has. It’s not the main focus is what I’m sayin’ here.

This comic is not for children, please only read it if you’re like, I don’t know, 15 and up? It contains a lot of swears and some blood and some butt nudity. A huge chunk of it was set in a prison for a while, and one of the characters is a serial killer. It’s less graphic than an average HBO show.

Hello there, I’m Dirk Grundy. I’m a native Texan, but the only gun I own is a cute little red ryder BB gun. It’s for shootin’ cans. I’m in my 40s. I am old! Oh no! (I know that’s not really that old but I started this comic in my twenties!)

I love horror movies and comics and being outdoors sometimes. I have a cat, I like her too. Her name’s Stormy and she has kitten breathing problems (very boogery).

here’s my email address if you need to contact me for some reason:

Here is my Tumblr, I post doodles and photos and random things there.
Here is a Tumblr dedicated entirely to this comic It contains bonus sketches sneak previews, sometimes I do in-character question and answer sessions.

I stopped using my twitter. A good rule of thumb is that I use the same username pretty much everywhere (dirkgrundy) so if you see that it’s prrrobably me. If you’re not sure you can email me, but I do also have a cohost and a mastodon and a pillowfort under these names. And if you want to get real obsessive I have a deviant art account that’s very old under evilengine9.