Dr. Schtein, you are very immature.

Unfortunately, in the world this comic’s set in (the 1950’s of the future!), people aren’t very accepting or understanding of different sexual orientations. Actually, folks aren’t very accepting in general. It’s a distrust of foreign cultures and ideas, mostly, mixed with good old fashioned repressed victorian standads and ideals. Oh, the 50’s! You so wacky! Couples sleeping in seperate beds, but also you can buy vibrators in the Sears catalogue? Make up your mind!

Langstrom had to remain closeted or else he’d risk his career. Especially risky with a teaching career. His friend Dr. Auditore was outted, unfortunately, and now the only job he can get is as a drug rehabilitation counselor at a prison out in the middle of nowhere (and only because his friend’s sister runs it).

The only worse thing worse for your career in this universe is to be labelled a commie.

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