Bonus Comics!


April Fools comic for 2012. April fools comic for 2011

April Fools for 2010.

Just a goofy dialogue thing between Dr. Schtein and Dr. Langstrom.


Guest Comics:

    Coffee and Cigarettes, a 15 page guest crossover with We Are No One sent in by Kathryn Sullivan

      Part One
      Part Two

    Single Images

    Sent in from

    Sent in By Mappy

    Cool guest art sent in by the creator of Derelict

    Guest page sent in by Declan Garrity

    Art sent in by Julia

      Sadie sent in this amazingly long and awesome alice and wonderland tripfest for guest week

    bark bark bark bark bark bark from Cami who does Doomsday My Dear

    My friend Kris knows my terrible secret OTP. You can find more of her art at her site, Fifteen Minute Intermission

    Louis sent in a comic about poor Jayjay. They do the comic SigFigs

    Aaaaa, god, aaa my heart. Sent in by Halley

    This one’s from Typette