Gah, sorry about making you guys wait an extra week for this page. Had a bunch of stuff kinda happen all in one week there. Bad timing! Website moving hosts/boyfriend’s birthday/threw my back out. Who cares, bad excuses.

Anyway, hey, a new scene! New colors! Outside! Fancy domes!

Boy, Amarillo is a lot larger and more bustlin’ in this alternate future. They’ve been driving for a WHILE, I guess. See, they’re in Texas’s panhandle now, so they’ve been driving for at least six hours… I think? Maybe less.

Oh, a few people I e-mailed about the wallpaper never got back to me. I mean if you don’t want it, that’s cool, but I’m worried that I somehow bungled the e-mail address or magical internet goblins ate my mails, so if you never got it despite donating let me know:

The April Donation Picture