Yay! Page thirty!

Dr. Schtein is growing a beard before your very eyes.

One more page of this stupid infirmary scene to go. Isn’t character development fun? (I hope so. :C)

I’m workin’ on a donation wallpaper, also. I uploaded a sketch of it to DA like… a month ago? It’s Dr. Schtein looking perturbed in solitary. That sketch is pretty different from what it looks like now, though.

Anyway, what I’m gonna do, if I’m going to start putting out the busking hat, is I’m going to disable my project wonderful ads entirely. I’d prefer no ads on my site at all anyway.

Still feel weird about the donation thing, but I’m just going to use the money for site maintenance stuff and computer upgrades, so it’s all going towards the comic. Still. Self conscious!

Thanks for all the comments and stuff guys, You people make me feel like I’m maybe doin’ a good thing making comics. I especially like the comments were people read way too deeply into the characters and story. Those are great. Gives me extra perspectives on them that I might not have thought of before.

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