Oh, good idea, Phineas. Oh, good idea, Orville. This will be fine.

Little delay in the update. I like to update on wednesdays but lotta bad weather this week also a big once in a life time eclipse that I had to go stare straight at (I had the glasses don’t worry). The eclipse was super cool and the storms petered out but it is still difficult to make myself work during lightning storms and when I’m anxious about tornadoes. Just one of the perks of living in Texas…

All that to say don’t be surprised if my updates are a little janky in the spring. I’ve got weather phobia!! It’s because I have experienced like 5 close calls in my life, the most recent one being just two years ago. That’s a video of one rumbling through my city. If I’d gone outside I woulda seen it, but I was too busy sitting in the laundry room having a panic attack to do that lol.

Anyway that eclipse, god damn! Can’t wait to see the next one 360 years from now :)