Hello welcome to Chapter Nine :O

I didn’t mean to start updating again on Dr. Schtein’s birthday the day after his birthday but that’s some fun happenstance. He’s an October baby.

I guess I ought to mention the update gap. Again. always update gaps. Webcomics!

I don’t want to go into it too much and I’d appreciate it if my comments section wasn’t just condolences, like, I appreciate it, but I’d rather you talk about my comic you know?

Anyway the short of it is I moved at the beginning of the summer to help take care of my mother in law who had terminal cancer. Which is why even after moving my updates did not resume. Being a caregiver is time consuming. It was never really rough or anything, spending time with her was a delight, she was a wonderful person, and until the end she was very mobile and could mostly take care of herself, she just needed a lot of company. She passed at the end of August, and after that I was too depressed to draw but it’s at the point where drawing and working on comics is what I think will lift me out of that. Anyway, that’s where I’ve been.

Now, let’s make this goober interact with his estranged daughter, because it is about damn time.