Oh man, I am so not happy with Osgood’s walking pose in the last panel. But I’ve never been very good at ACTION POSES! so maybe I ought to be happy with what I got.

This comic almost didn’t come out this morning! My computer’s having resetting problems. I don’t mean to say it resets randomly, that’d be way worse, but I mean when it resets saaaay, after my damn art program crashes catastrophically on me and eats up so much system memory in the process that I can’t bring up the task manager so I have to do a hard reset, my computer then just sits at the boot screen and does nothing. So then I have to wake up my poor boyfriend and get him to work some magic inside my computer to get it to boot again.

Luckily I didn’t lose much progress on the comic at all. Just had to redraw some word balloon tails. The nice thing about Open Canvas (which is what I use) is that even though it crashes all the goddamn time, when it restarts it magically has your picture in it somehow still, even if you never saved it once. Thank god. I hate drawing word balloons like a lot, and I’d hate to have had to do that twice this morning.

I’d use photoshop, except that I hate inking in it (you can’t rotate the picture freely, I can’t draw stright horizontal lines!)