Oh boy! Last page of the year! A couple more months and this comic will have been running for an entire year.

Hey, let’s get some comic resolutions out there:

For 2010 I’d like this comic’s art to get better, especially color and anatomy-wise.

But, I’d especially like to work hard to become a better writer. I’m doing this amazing thing with this chapter and all the chapters after this. It’s called… WRITING A SCRIPT. GASP.

I have a lame excuse at the ready for the sort of rushed feeling the first chapter has and that is that not a lot of planning went into this comic. Which is sort of a stupid thing to do, but the thing is… I’ve had a number of other comic projects over the years and over-planning them always kills them before I get around to making them. After a while what you can make just simply can’t live up to what you want to make. So last year I made a new years resolution to JUST MAKE A COMIC and that is what this is.

I’d say it’s a success in that respect at least. I’m way more productive now than I ever have been. And the mere act of being more productive is allowing me to improve.

words words words. I just want to say happy new years you guys! I’m going to keep this comic going to the bitter end. It’s very important to me, you know.

You know, for the short amount of time this comic’s been running and the lack of advertising I’ve done for it I’m really suprised at how it’s been recieved. Did you know I have over a thousand readers? This amazes me. I really want to thank everyone who reads this dumb comic, whether you comment or not I really appreciate it. I really do. :3