Wow, I’ve drawn over eighty pages of this comic. Good lord, how did that happen?

ANYWHO, remember those buttons I mentioned last wednesday? After a week or fretting about shipping and how to do things I got it all nice and set up.

If you just head on over to this handy link you can order them if you like! Since they’re in such small supply I figured I’d offer a sketch to go with them. You know, make ’em all the more special.

There doesn’t appear to be a form on the order anywhere for comments or the like, but if you’ve got a special request you can probably just email it to me once you order (just you know, tell me who you are so I can tie it to an order). is the email address, hahah sorry I forgot to mention before.

Naturally there are some requests that I cannot honor, such as, um, adult content that you wouldn’t find in the comic itself, spoilers, things like that. But I know you guys are too awesome to request that stuff anyway.

What I mean, basically, is if you have a specific character you’d like me to draw I will do that. C: