I literally can’t remember what I was gonna write under here because I had to do some comment pruning on the last page, which is pretty aggravating.

I used to be really lax about letting people leave whatever the hell comments they wanted to in the past.

Which, uh, led to a bunch of people making a series of really uncomfortable amount of rape jokes during the prison chapters. After someone left a comment that was literally just “mmm rape ^_^” I started actively moderating because EUUUGGHHHHHHHH HORRIBLE and why the anime smiley why why that made it TWENTY times worse.

(I did go back and delete a lot of comments like that so you don’t have to worry about seeing them if you’re archive crawling or w/e, I mean I know my comic itself is pretty adult and has stuff that requires content warnings but I don’t think people should be blindsided by it in the comments)

So, you know, I didn’t want to make mention of it, but I do moderate my comments. I have been doing so for some time. But, I don’t check them every day, so if you see something real garbagey feel free to tweet at me @dirkgrundy I’ll take a look.

Please do that rather than arguing with or piling on someone. You won’t change their minds (it is human nature to double down when people start yelling at you), and it’s just annoying for me to look at and clean up. So just message me.