super duper apologies for the HUGE gap in updating, if you read my last footnote I’ve been having medical problems, anyway a few trips to an emergency clinic and then the ER and then a specialist and well whatever. I’ll be ok. I don’t want to go into it. It’s not life threatening anymore.

I did, however, get some good ref photos in the ER of like machines and stuff, so that’s cool. I posted a photo of me in the ER looking rather irritated at the whole situation to my tumblr. I didn’t get to use them on this page so much except on Phin’s drip taped onto the back of his hand (although mine was in the crook of my arm, PS yeowch [it was pulling on my arm hair]). I didn’t realize there would be little bits of blood under there until I saw mine. gross.

Anyway have I ever draw his bare feet before? He’s missing toes. Not all that surprising.

Also I’m not sure I’ve made it clear here that he’s hallucinating, god I hope I did, but this comic has a history of glowy effect turds. But no he’s just seeing that stuff, not making it.