MacManus Portrait

Prison Security Camera #45-B

Korw Portrait



Class ID: Ghost 214870922

Name: Drew MacManus

D. O. B.: Unknown

History: Middle class child with behavioral issues that fell through the cracks, Drew discovered a love of violence, throwing his weight around, and manipulation that propelled him to the top of a street gang. After being busted for a string of daytime gas station robberies police investigators found a weapons stockpile in his home. Drew was convicted of robbery and illegal weapon possession and moved to Alabama State Prison. A string of violence there led him to being relocated to Nevada Penitentiary.

occupation: Truck Driver

Origin: Decatur, Alabama, USA

Last Known Whereabouts: Nevada Penitentiary

Identifying Characteristics: Bald, big trucker mustache, a million nazi related tattoos, giant snake tattooed on bald head. Black hair, blue eyes.

Psych: Violent, quick to anger, diagnosed with ADD, racist.



Class ID: Ghost 9767-1983

Name: Edgar “Krow” Krovack

D. O. B.: November 9, 2014

History: deceased father, domineering and eventually bedridden mother. Edgar was very bullied and very alone all of his life. Described by everyone who knew him as very quiet and very polite, but not very smart. He eventually snapped and killed his mother, keeping her body in her upstairs bedroom. He began to kidnap local girls from the college he lived near, assaulting and murdering them. One eventually escaped and identified him to police. He was found guilty and sentenced to life. Eventually he fell in with the Aryan crowd, playing toadying lackey to MacManus. MacManus was killed in an altercation with another inmate. Edgar was eventually killed during a riot.

occupation: Maintenance Technician, prisoner

Origin: Union, New Jersey, USA

Last Known Whereabouts: Nevada State Penitentiary

Identifying Characteristics: overbite, dark complexion, short stature

Psych: Quiet, subservient, passive, racist