Lookin' kinda greasy


Class ID: Black 78314625

Name: Phineas Armastus, Professor Pain

D. O. B.:Unknown

History: Mother, Linda Armastus, father unknown. After his mother was murdered he was sent to live in several foster homes until he left the system at age 18. He struggled through college, but eventually emerged with a medical degree. Married Denise Thanatos, settled into a seemingly buttoned down suburban life. Incriminating letters eventually led police to search his home in 2045. The remains of at least 8 bodies were discovered in his basement, possibly more as many of the remains were unable to be identified. Victim count is estimated to be near 30 or more, mostly unattached females ages 25 to 40. Possible connection to ■■■■■■■■■ Crime Syndicate, not enough evidence to pursue at this time.

occupation: unemployed, previously a lecturer at a small college in New York state, serial killer

Origin: East Tremont, Bronx, New York, USA

Last Known Whereabouts: Nevada State Penitentiary

Identifying Characteristics: Mole on left cheekbone, gap between two front teeth. over 6 feet tall. Numerous tattoos. Grey eyes. Scars on most of the body, mostly self caused. Usually wears glasses.

Psych: A true sociopath, unable to empathize with other humans, barely feels emotions. Cannot feel pain due to congenital analgesia. Phineas seems outwardly charming and happy, but this only runs so deep. Any attempt to psychoanalyze him has been met with violent resistance.


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