The Ransom Video


Class ID: Blue G-861508-90

Name: von Schtein, Orville Frederick

D. O. B.: April, 26. 1971

History: Not much is known about his personal history prior to being smuggled, with a dozen other important scientists, into the united states through project tealeaf. He was 32. Orville soon arranged for his wife to join him within the year. He was assigned to work on a cure for the red plague under Doctor Tonegawa. They eventually succeeded, effectively eradicating new cases of the virus in the country. Orville bounced from government project to project, eventually becoming a lead on his own project to ■■■■■■ the human ■■■■■. Classified events lead to this final project being cancelled, all documents detailing it moved to ■■■■■■■■■ holding facility, where they seem to have disappeared. His only son, Robert Schtein, committed suicide that year. Orville then took a job in Chicago at Envistech. Police records indicate that Gloria Hermann, Orvile von Schtein’s daughter-in-law had filed for a restraining order against him at this time.

occupation: Geneticist, specializing in bacteriophage, yeast, and genome projects. Lead on project ■■■■■■■■■. Cancelled. Section Chief, gene research, Envistech LLC, Chicago.

Origin: Friedrichshagen, Treptow Köpenick, The German Democratic Republic

Last Known Whereabouts: Quarantine Zone, Chicago, Illinois

Identifying Characteristics: Yellow tinted glasses, outdated facial hair, pony tail

Psych: Prior to the events that prompted his move to Chicago Orville had been known for being a charming, outgoing leader type. After his son’s suicide he was advised to see a counselor about his depression, but instead he buried himself in research, and his new job at Envistech. What little information is available about his time there indicates reported incidents of instability, a charge of assault on an assistant, and increasingly sloppy work. The company was planning on letting him go before he took the city hostage in a fatal attempt to hold as ransom the cure to the disease he had been creating for Envistech.


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