Laurence through the years


Class ID: Black 568714

Name: Laurence Wayne Johnson, nicknames: Larry, Twiggs

D. O. B.: 21, February, 2016

History: One of two children between Colonel Raymond Johnson and Martha Wellstrop, divorced. Laurence lived with father, sister went with mother. Above average school grades led to attending university on a scholarship to study astrophysics, but was eventually kicked out for a combination of poor grades and conduct. Enrolled in US Navy until an incident in 20■■ in which Mr. Johnson had an altercation with a MCPO. ■■■■■ leading to his arrest and eventual bad conduct discharge. Police records indicate that after his release from ■■■■■■■■■■ Institute Mr. Johnson worked his way up from petty thug to where he is now.

occupation: Officially listed as a security consultant. Unofficially: hit man thought to be employed by the ■■■■■■■ Syndicate, gunman, and occasionally a bodyguard. previously was enlisted in the US Navy as an ordnance technician.

Origin: Moved all over due to military family, spent largest amount of formative time in Danbury Connecticut.

Last Known Whereabouts: Lives in Annapolis Maryland

Identifying Characteristics: Missing right eye, left eye green, carrot orange hair, bald, angular face, 6 feet tall. Taste in clothing skews towards 1980’s Jimmy Buffett fan.

Psych: Given a bad conduct discharge from the navy, spent five years in an institution for the mentally unstable. Seems to have never formed any manner of romantic relationship. A loner. Known for violent mood swings. Extremely protective of family.


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