Class ID: White 0874454-a
Class ID: White 0874454-b

Name: Wellstrop, Deborah Janet

D. O. B.: 21, Aug. 2018

History: Unremarkable history, sister of Laurence Johnson, but lived with divorced mother. Joined the United States Army Reserves after highschool to help pay for nursing school. Was formerly stationed in New Mexico at a military hospital. currently works in a Delaware hospital where she lives with her only child, Alice Wellstrop, in her childhood home. The elder wellstrop having retired to Florida.

Origin: Wilmington, Delaware, USA

Last Known Whereabouts: Same as Above

Identifying Characteristics: Red hair, glasses, spindly.

Psych: A problem solver, Janet enjoys fixing things, taking care of people, but often becomes overwhelmed by her own circumstances. Reticent. Has a juvenile record of petty theft, but records have been clean since.

Name: Wellstrop, Alice Mona

D. O. B.: 8, Sep. 2044

History: Currently attending junior high in Wilmington, Delaware. A student of average grades, no afterschool activities, and no record. She is basically invisible to both her teachers and her peers.

Origin: Alamogordo, New Mexico, USA

Last Known Whereabouts: Wilmington, Delaware, USA

Identifying Characteristics: Brooding demeanor, dyed black hair, hoodies. Pale, large nose.

Psych: A shy loner, gruff exterior, more lonely than she lets on. Does not enjoy school, doesn’t try very hard, a school counselor should probably look her over for depression. But probably one will not.