Class ID: Orange 9935897

Name: Jacobs, Jacob Wilbur

D. O. B.: 20, Nov. 2027

History: Only child of a small time stand up comedian father, Jerry Jacobs, and librarian mother. Abuse from an emotionally distant and alcoholic father lead to Jacob running away from home at age 17. Run ins with the law helped him form the opinion that government institutions are inherently wrong and from there he fell in with a particular anarchist cult that operates out of what was formerly Washington state. The cult has cells in most major cities designed to recruit to their cause and to pick up labor for back home. The cells all have names that make them sound like progressive causes, ex: The People For Improving Our Education and so on.

Jayjay became what was basically a highwayman in this organization. He helped his compatriots hijack military shipments. Jayjay’s crew, the Midnight Banshees Motorcycle Club, was broken up when caught passing off bad checks. He just finished serving a ten year stint at a Nevada Medium security prison

Occupation: Unemployed.

Origin: Atlanta, Georgia USA

Last Known Whereabouts: Bellingham, Washington

Identifying Characteristics: Half African American, half Iraqi, short (5’5″), stocky build, glasses

Psych: Outwardly he appears easy going and calm, but it’s a thin facade. He is easy to rile up. He has problems with authority and has no problems breaking laws. A bit cowardly. He likes to think he sticks up for ‘the little guy’ and thinks of his lawbreaking as being for the best. Like some kind of Robin Hood complex. He is easy to manipulate.