Eric's ID Badge Portrait
Eric's Torn Half

Class ID: White F-8918357-0

Name: DeGroot, Eric

D. O. B.: July 17, 2015

History: Moved to the USA in 2020, Eric did very well in school, especially in mathematics. He competed in national math quizzes, leading his team to take the cup two years in a row. He did very well in college, worked for several data analysis companies before eventually settling into a teaching career. He married Lacey Greer in 2045. No children. They divorced in 2057.

occupation: Statistics Professor at Harvard, Data Analysis Manager

Origin: Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa born, raised in Burlington, Vermont.

Last Known Whereabouts: Riverdale Park, Maryland, USA

Identifying Characteristics: Afrikaner, 1/4 Northern Sotho. Wiry fellow of average height, hair going grey. Clumsy.

Psych: Shy and reserved, chronically low self esteem. Tends to make really bad first impressions.