ID Badge Portrait
sstapleClass ID: White T-436876-78

Name: Osgood, Delia Nandana

D. O. B.: August 4, 2033

History: Juvenile records indicate a short stint with delinquency as a teen, but not notable. Prior was in junior kickboxing competitions in the United Kingdom, received a bronze in the junior European Kickboxing Championships at age 13. After receiving mathematics scholarships Delia was accepted into Harvard and decided to move to the USA. At some point a restraining order was filed against her by one Lacey Degroot. It has recently expired.

occupation: Assistant Energy Analysis Technician

Origin: Hounslow, London, England

Last Known Whereabouts: N.D.C., USA

Identifying Characteristics: Half white, half Indian, long brown hair. Average height, likes the color green. Has been photographed punching people at sporting events an inordinate amount of times.

Psych: Delia either loves or hates things, never really in between. She’s generally annoyingly positive, but it’s hiding a rather quick temper. She also has almost no self censor and will blurt out fairly rude things with little provocation. Honest to a fault. Terrible taste in music/literature/movies.