• Page Seventeen comics
    • Chapter One Cover chapter One
      We're introduced to Dr. Herville Schtein, the secret underground base Station 12, his new assistant Delia Osgood, and Dr. Schtein's temper.
    • Chapter Two Cover Chapter Two
      Dr. Schtein's adventures in the prison system.
    • Decay Chapter Three
      Outlook not so good.
    • Cover Chapter Four
      Delia's new job in DC. New coworkers, and learning new things about the past to do with Orville von Schtein, his grandson, and the many altered humans that now litter the landscape unchecked.
    • Chp5 Page 1 Chapter Five
      A Simple Offer. Don't be alarmed, this chapter is very short! It takes place in an office. Nobody gets murdered. Amazing.
    • Chp6 Page 0 Chapter Six
      Hey! Let's go see grandpa! A journey through a ruined city filled with gross fungus zombies, a little mad science, a little nagging, all in all a terrible day.
    • Red Shift Chapter Seven
      Dr Schtein gets used to life on the outside, and his new freedom to ruin other people's lives.
    • Chapter Eight - Cold Relics Chapter Eight