Current Darius
A Young Darius
Class ID: Grey 635971-j

DOB: 1973

Name: Darius Hector Thanatos (Formerly: Tavoularis)
History: Darius’ father was killed in an automobile wreck early in his life leaving only his mother to take care of him. They were very poor, and she had to take multiple jobs to make ends meet which meant she did not see her son very much. Darius joined a small time street gang around age 12 and soon dropped out of school completely. He moved up the ranks as he aged, until he was the leader of a gang known as the edgewater gang in his 20’s. It eventually merged with a much larger syndicate and Darius, who’d gained a reputation of being a charming neighborhood businessman, was put in charge of various small front corporations.

In 1998 he founded Thanatech Protection Agency, a private security force for office buildings. As the business grew it expanded its roles into development of crowd dispersal, defensive measures, body armor, and finally weapons development for private militaries. A darker side to the business involves arms dealing to enemy countries, illegal research facilities, smuggling operations, and trafficking.

In 2001 he married and had his first child, who died a year later. This marriage dissolved after another three years.

In 2015 he married again, to a Leslie Atwater, and in 2017 he had his second child, a girl, Denise.

And then a third child, Eugene in 2022, and finally Eliza in 2031 when he was 58. His wife died during the birth.

Darius used to be a very outgoing and charming businessman but his age and health prevent him from traveling much or making personal appearances at dinners or meetings.

Occupation: Founder and CEO of Thanatech Industries
Origin: Chicago, Illinois
ID: Very old. So old. Frail. Long hair.

Psych: Industrious, clever, clear leader, dangerous. Not a man given to nostalgia. His business dealings have been ruthless.