Class ID: Green 471903

Name: Schtein, Herville Albert “Doc”

D. O. B.: 12, Oct. 2023

History: Son of reclusive child psychology author Gloria Hermann, grandson of notorious terrorist Dr. Orville von Schtein. Born with ███████-syndrome, taken to ██████ for treatment, 20██. Enrolled in Project-████████. All symptoms clear, continued monitoring for side effects advised. Abnormal brain wave activity reported, benign. Subject finished degree in theoretical particle physics at an early age. Related?

occupation: Unemployed, formerly employed by OSS technical research division, station ██. Project-█████ █████

Origin: Roanoke, Virginia, USA

Last Known Whereabouts: Holloman Air Force Base, New Mexico, public. Reports of activity in Nevada ████████████

Identifying Characteristics: Premature grey hair, prominent nose, red on black eyes, known to constantly sport black driving-gloves.

Psych: Egotistical, self centered, moody, known to wallow in severe bouts of depression, dallies in various addictions. Easy to intimidate, especially from female sources. Extreme aversion to physical touch.